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As a security-minded organisation, we use encryption and cryptographic authentication whenever possible. When using the SSL/TLS protocol (or other protocols using X.509 keys), the certifying authority (CA, Root Certificate) we use is Lionel Elie Mamane's. Obviously, by getting it from here, you are not sure it is the right one. Check the fingerprints with us over a secure channel, or, if you have a shell account on topaz, take it from /var/www/ or /etc/ssl/certs/Lionel.pem.

For your own domain, we are in the process of setting up a referral program with Thawte, one of the leading X.509 CA's and arguably one of the less bad ones. Other (cheaper) possibilities include a certificate signed by Lionel or by CACert. If you don't understand the technical consequences of these choices, contact us, we will explain. We will obviously use any (valid) certificate you wish us to.


If we manage an email domain for you, you can change its configuration yourself. This is explained in the Topaz email system user's Manual


Some of you have a shell access, through SSH, to topaz.

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